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Consider a Carlson Company Air Conditioning Service Agreement for superior heating/air conditagreementioning reliability and efficiency. Call us for pricing.

The Carlson Company is the Tucson area’s leading provider of air conditioning, HVAC, heating, plumbing and sheet metal services. We design, install and maintain Tucson’s best HVAC systems.

For superior reliability and year-round peace of mind, the Carlson Company offers air conditioning, heating and plumbing service agreements for qualified homes and businesses in Pima County.

Please ask about our 10-year service agreement covering labor and parts.

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Benefits of a service agreement

The Carlson Company’s service agreements include periodic inspections, cleanings, lubrications, adjustments, and safety-testing for your residential or commercial cooling and heating systems. So, you’ll enjoy top performance year-round, without any effort on your part.

Peace of mind

Our team of experienced HVAC service professionals works around your schedule, when it’s most convenient for you. A service agreement increases equipment reliability over time, but our service agreements go further because they entitle you to preferential treatment.

Preferential treatment

Another benefit of our service agreements is the committed pricing – The price of listed services cannot be raised during the term of the service agreement.

Pricing protection

Numerous studies have shown that regular maintenance of any cooling or heating equipment saves a substantial amount of money from monthly utility bills. Both air conditioning and heating systems benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance.

Lower utility expenses

The Carlson Company is legendary, with a proven track record of more than fifty years of providing cooling and heating services to Tucson homes and businesses. We’re the most recognized, most trusted name in local HVAC services.

A trusted local name

The Carlson Company offers a 10% discount on HVAC parts. All of the parts not specifically excluded below receive this discount.

Parts discount (See below)

Sample Service Agreement

As part of the service agreement, the customer agrees to:

Operate cooling and heating equipment in compliance with Carlson Company’s instructions

Immediately notify Carlson Company about any unusual operating conditions

Allow Carlson Company workers the use of common building-maintenance items such as the customer’s on-site ladders

Let only Carlson Company staff and/or other trained & authorized personnel to work on the equipment


As part of the service agreement, Carlson Company agrees to:

Instruct you in how to properly use the equipment

Provide parts and labor as indicated in the agreement

Furnish you with a checklist of services to be performed during each maintenance visit

Offer service-agreement holders preferential treatment during service activities


Here are the typical exclusions to our standard service agreement:

Ductwork and cabinets

Water supply lines and drains outside the equipment itself

Electrical service beyond the disconnect switch (except for control wiring)

Relocating or moving equipment

Damage due to freezing

Work required by the enforcement of local housing codes, building restrictions and union regulations

Any devices or controls not supplied by Carlson Company are excluded from the service agreement unless otherwise specified

Equipment failure or damage caused by improper fuel or power supply

System design


General terms of the service agreement:

The Carlson Company takes all reasonable precautions to avoid injury or damage, and we are not liable for any special or consequential damages that may arise. Nor are we liable for any defects or losses resulting from fire, flood, vandalism, wind, riots, war or acts of God.

The Carlson Company provides qualified technicians to inspect, maintain and service air conditioning and/or heating equipment twice yearly. These service inspections are performed during normal working hours.

The service agreement doesn’t include emergency services, yet it does provide priority status if emergency service is required.

*  Discount on parts:  Air conditioning and/or heating units are not subject to the standard 10% discount. Likewise, heat exchangers, compressors, heat pumps and cooling systems out-of-warranty are not included in the parts discount.

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