Dear Carlson Company Staff,

Just a quick not to tell you how much we appreciate your customer service.  We are long-distance landlords for two rental homes in Tucson, so it is nice to have companies we can rely upon when repairs are needed.  Enjoy the cookies.  Please give me a call when they arrive so I know you got them.

Warm regards,



We want to thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift.  It made our vacation even more special.

David & Anita


A wish for peace and happiness at Christmas and blessings throughout the New Year.

Thank you for all your help over these many years.  I truly appreciate your kindness, patience, and excellent service.  It’s also a comfort to know whenever I need to call the office, the response with Barb and Patty is always friendly and helpful.

Happy Holidays!



Super job as always.

Thank you,

Larry Dennis

Dear Carlson Mechanical,

Thank you for your donation to Hermosa Montessori’s Extracurricular Program.  We really appreciate your generosity and kindness.  Your support makes all the difference for our students.

Warm regards,

The Staff at Hermosa

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your support for many years.

Tucson Arthritis Support League

Tucson Arthritis Support League

Dear Mr. Carlson,

The staff, students, and parents of Harelson Elementary School would like to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the 2018 FunFest.  The event was a HUGE Success.  Your sponsorship of a $300 was both generous and well received.

The Harelson PTO is committed to the people and programs that provide enrichment for students and the community.  Harelson has a long-standing history of serving a diverse population of students and maintaining the status of an Excelling school.  Donations such as yours allow us to continue to support quality education for each student and promote healthy family events.  In addition to our excellent academic record, we are able to provide community events such as science night, literacy night, art shows, and an ice-cream social open house.  Additional school resources provided by the PTO this year included a new sound system for the Funhouse that has greatly enhanced the band and orchestra concerts, grade-level plays, and school-wide talent show.  In addition, we were able to provide supplemental materials to every grade level, professional development in the area of writing instruction, Ozobots for the REACH program, equipment for the P.E. department, supplies and materials for the art program, and many other needed resources to individual classrooms and programs.  The children, teachers, and families at Harelson appreciate the support that you gave in order for the PTO to put on a great FunFest and provide resources to the school.

Harelson elementary could not provide these resources without support from our local community, and Harelson appreciates the businesses that support our schools.  Thank you for your support and donation!

Thank you again for your generous donation to the Harelson community.



President, Harlelson PTO


I wanted to thank you for coming out of your way to do my estimate/proposal for a new gas line to my firepit.  I have decided not to fix it as it will not add the value of selling my home in a few years.  Should I change my mind, you will be the one.

Thank you,


Dear Carlson Heating,

As I reflect at Thanksgiving time about all that I have to be thankful for I can honestly tell you that I have been remiss in not thanking your company for ABSOLUTELY beautiful air conditioner and furnace that was installed this past summer.

I actually won the units at the Spring Home Show and they were installed about a month later.  I’ll never forget the telephone call from Michael stating that “I won a new top-of-the-line Lennox air conditioner and furnace but it will cost you about $3700 in labor, permits, and taxes.”  The summer before I had priced some new units for my house.  So, I knew how expensive these units would be.

I can’t say enough about Michael.  He was kind, cordial and most professional.  He came to survey the property to secure the proper permit…then proceeded to schedule the Carlson crew for installation.  I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember who the air conditioner installer was but the furnace was installed by Rob.  Both men were exceptional workers!

As I said at the beginning of this email, I have a lot to be thankful for and I would think your company does too…exceptional employees doing outstanding work representing the company they are employed by… .

I will definitely be back to your company to serve my future heating and cooling needs and don’t think for a minute that I haven’t mentioned what a fine job your company did for me to my neighbors and friends.

Have a great Thanksgiving… .  I hope to see you at the next home show…. . I’ve still got the upstairs unit that needs to be replaced!  I do believe that lightning can strike twice in the same spot!


Thank you Carslon Mechanical.

Love You Guys!

Jennifer Rice

“The Rice Group”

Dear Friends at Carlson Mechanical,

Thank you so much for your donation at Hermosa Montessori’s Extracurricular Program. We really appreciate your generosity and kindness! Your support makes all the difference in our students.

Warm regards,

The Staff at Hermosa


Just a brief note to let you know that the hot water circulating pump quieted down and there haven’t been any more calcium deposits in the lines or harmonics at the main pressure reducing valve.

Your diagnosis and work see to have cured our ills!

Thank you!!!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and may you enjoy a Happy, Joyous, Prosperous & Healthy New Year!

Frank T.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for getting our air conditioners and furnaces replaced quickly. As you know from the other projects you have done here, the work was a challenge for Scott and Jesse.

I know from personal experience that just running up and down stairs 20 or 30 times can make for a tiring day. Scott and Jesse did an excellent job of installing the new units and Joe came by twice on his days off to make sure everything was being done right. I really appreciate what each of you did to make our house comfortable again. This latest “project” is a good example of why we have been Carlson clients for more than 20 years.

Thanks again, and please thank Joe, Scott, and Jesse for me.

Best Regards,


Hi Mike,

Here is the information you requested. I hope it helps.

If you do not drive. So, it took me longer than I thought it would to get the info.

Thank you for everything!

A Very Happy Customer,

Judy D

Dear Mr. Carlson and Company,

I am enclosing a letter from The Tucson Arthritis Support League about our club’s event on April 16, 2016 at Skyline Country Club.

You have been very generous in the past and it is appreciated. We, the Dennis family continue to enjoy your company’s efficient work in keeping appliances and thing working. Great Job!!

We hope all is going well. Very nice speaking to Barbara.

Thank you,


Rita Dennis

[Carlson Company],

Just wanted to let you know that all of the bathroom work was finished today and our new bathroom looks beautiful!!! Thank you again for all of your design ideas and meeting our project deadline. We appreciated how quickly you got back to us either via phone or email when we had questions and your weekly emails with the project schedule were very helpful so that we could manage our own schedules with the work being done. We also wanted to share how much we appreciated the professionalism of each contractor who came out to do the work in our home. You have a great crew!

Thank you again,

Manny and Yadira L.

Dear Mike,

Pastor Lars told several of the members of Council how you have repaired the air handler for the Sanctuary. Thank you for the quick repair.

And special thanks to you for your generosity providing a new thermostat for that area.

It is a blessing to Lord of Grace to be sure!

Wishing you success and God Bless you and your family.

Candy Boastad

Council President


I want to thank Mike and the guys for the work they did at our house.  We really appreciate how quickly they got our AC units working again.  Most of the work was done outside, on a hot day, which makes us especially grateful for the repairs.

Thanks again,

Dennis C.

Barb and Mike,

I want to thank you both so much for your thoughtfulness in seeing that our A/C was repaired Friday evening after a long hot day of work.  In spite of working all day, Mike and his assistant made us feel like we were the first house they had been to all day.  The fact that you all care sets your company apart from the others.

Thanks again for going the extra mile to make our weekend a good one.

Mike & Jan C.


What a pleasant surprise!  Not only did you get us a working water softener, but a gift of food in my refrigerator.  You’re not only a master tradesman and a good business man, you’re also a really nice man.

Thank you for everything.

Sheila S.

To Who It May Concern,

Now that the water crisis has come to an end in Tucson (for the most part), I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude to your company.  Everyone I dealt with from the phone operator to the technician was a pleasure.  I assure you.  I spoke to more than 20 companies in this ordeal.  Most of the companies left me with the feeling that I was about to be gouged, if they showed up at all.  Many were annoyed and rude, due to the volume of calls they received.  Some never returned messages.  I never dreamed I would have my water back so quickly.  Many companies waited an extra two to three days for a plumber to be available. All in all, many thanks are in order.

From my family, thanks a million!

Scotti C.

Mike, Thank you for your time and thoroughness in regard to your estimate.  It is appreciated. However, at this time, we are not in a position to go ahead.


Paul M.

To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to write and let you know that your company is top notch. Our mini-split A/C was not functioning properly and was out of warranty. The owner came our right away, tried to diagnose the issue, made calls with the manufacturer and his tech and scheduled to have someone make sure it was fixed. He later came with a tech and spent a good deal of time determining that the unit was leaking. They fixed the problem, charged it back up and it’s been running beautifully since. I was particularly impressed that he said we don’t owe him a thing. He stood by his workmanship which is sadly missing from many businesses today. I want to thank your company for doing this especially in these tough economic times. We appreciate the excellent service we receive from Carlson and will be customers for life.

Kind regards,

Ryan & Smith A.

Dear Mike, Thank you. I now have the most lovely and beautiful hot water heater in the world.  It is working beautifully.  It is nice not to be concerned about it anymore.

Again, a Great Big Thank You,

Judy D.

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you again for the work you recently did at our house. Please thank Martin, Eddie, and Graham for me as well. For the last two years, I knew that we were going to have to replace the big water heater. I dreaded the day when it would be necessary to actually do it. With the size and weight of the water heater, the stairs and the mechanical room added up to an imposing barrier. I’m amazed that you and your men were able to get the old tank out and the new one in without bringing in a craned, a wrecking ball, or a cutting torch! I know it wasn’t easy, but you made it look routine. I am really grateful for the work you did. In my opinion, it was above and beyond the call of duty, and I really appreciate it.

Dennis C.

Dear Mr. Carlson,

I am writing to tell you of the excellent workmanship and customer service we received from one of your crews, Bob S, and his co-worker. Bob and his co-worker were retrofitting a piece of ductwork for our kitchen remodeling job. When it became apparent the register was not going to fit correctly, we discussed various options. Bob said the best option was to do it right which meant he had to order a custom coupling to make the register fit. The coupling was ready the next day and the register fit like a glove. We really appreciate Bob S for going the extra mile for us. Bob’s wonderful attitude of taking care of his customers really shone through. Thanks to everyone at Carlson’s who made this possible, from John who determined we could do what we wanted to the manufacturing shop for creating the coupling. We will enthusiastically recommend Carlson Co to our friends.


Karen & Don W

To Carlson Plumbing,

Thank you for your prompt and courteous assistance in repairing our water line leak at our home. For us, it was a dilemma, which Carlson Plumbing solved very quickly. We appreciated your help.

Thanks again,

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L.

Dear Mike, Jebadiah, Gabriel (in plumbing), Aaron, Bryon, (in duct work)and Bruce (in wall repair).

Erika and I thank each of you for your professionalism in work, manner, good nature, interest and care while you were on our property. We have had many people working on our properties over the years. What we encounter is work “not quite done” or suggestions “not quite correct” which we have to adjust to—the shoddy or errored work left for us to discover long after the event—and with no recourse. We hope not to have to see any of you again in the near future, but we know where you are, if we have a need.


Erike and Harris H.

To Whom It May Concern,

Today your technician, Don, installed a new thermostat valve on an old wall heater in my home. I was so pleased with his attitude and workmanship that I decided to write you this letter. Don was friendly, courteous, unassuming, and very professional in his work today. He persisted for several hours without a break at what appeared to be a difficult job, trying different strategies and parts when one strategy or part didn’t work or fit. And he did it without complaining or bad temper. In fact, he usually smiled or joked about it. And he made the mechanism work. I hope Don is informed about my appreciation for his work and attitude. If I ever need any other work of similar nature done in Tucson, I will call The Carlson Company. Furthermore, I will refer others to your company, assuming that other technicians in your employ provide the same quality of craftsmanship as Don.


Greg M.

Call 520-623-3918