The Carlson Company is Tucson’s best source for commercial equipment leases for air conditioning and HVAC systems. We offer flexible leasing options for businesses that wish to save money by leasing instead of buying their heating and cooling equipment.

Learn more about commercial leasing.

Leasing is a smart way to reduce business expenses and increase efficiency. Instead of tying up the company’s cash by purchasing depreciating assets such as air conditioners, you can simply lease the cooling or heating power you need.

That way, your business can still grow even when you’re already enjoying the benefits of having energy-efficient cooling or heating.

Best of all, The Carlson Company’s commercial leasing program helps you preserve existing lines of business credit, so you’ll have credit when you need it most.

The benefits of leasing air conditioning equipment

  • Avoid making large cash payments to buy equipment
  • Spread the cost of cooling/heating equipment over a much longer time period
  • Choose between making fixed payments and variable payments
  • Flexible leasing can be structured to fit seasonal businesses
  • Upgrade or add extra equipment to the terms of the lease as your business expands
  • Easy, flexible options for both start-ups as well as established businesses, including a thirty-six-month lease program with an exceptionally low down payment

Most importantly, The Carlson Company is focused on helping you grow your business. We’ll tailor a personalized leasing program to fit your business and serve your customers.

FAQs for commercial leasing

How can I qualify for equipment leasing?

Any existing business with a need for HVAC equipment is welcome to apply.

What is the minimum lease amount?

Typically, the standard minimum vale for the equipment lease is about $2000. We create each lease separately to meet the customer’s needs.

Are there any upfront costs?

We generally require two lease payments in advance once the lease begins.

Are lease payments fixed or variable?

Most of our equipment leases are fixed, although flexible payments are also very easy to arrange.

Is insurance required?

You must keep the equipment insured, which can often be covered through your homeowner’s insurance policy without paying higher premiums.

What happens in the end of the lease?

When the lease is over, you can generally purchase the equipment for $1 after all lease payments are completed. Other terms may also be available.

What’s the next step toward leasing commercial cooling or heating equipment?

You can learn more about the benefits of commercial HVAC leasing by calling The Carlson Company today.


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