What should I consider before deciding on a new air conditioning system?

  • Do you have any heating or cooling issues or things that you would change? For instance: noise of equipment; placement of equipment—in-home vs. on roof, Consider the weight of the new system.
  • Consider the type of installation. Ask yourself what makes sense. Carlson Company recommends you not spend your money on a high-efficient furnace in Tucson, Arizona. Spend it on a high-efficient air conditioner.
  • Buy what fits the application. Make sure it fits in the room and that you can change the filter easily. A Carlson Company sales person will know the right equipment for the application.
  • You may need to install A/C registers. They will work better directing air in both volume and direction.
  • Replace system with equal size or request a heat load.
  • Check out the warranty presented, get it in writing.
  • Check out the company. Yes, we invite you to check Carlson Company out thoroughly—we’re an open book!
  • Ask to see the Registrar of Contractors reports.
  • Only use a licensed professional.
  • Ask for a reference list.
  • Ask for equipment specifications and model numbers, then research them yourself for peace of mind.
  • Be sure the company is environmentally safe. Carlson Company prides itself in being eco-minded.
  • Use only competent installers and technicians to assure proper start up.
  • Do not give all money up front. Pay only a 50% deposit; submit the final 50% upon completion.
  • Get a signed contract with date.
  • Note that installation typically takes 1 – 3 days per system.
  • Life expectancy: 10 – 20 years based on usage.

What is the most energy-efficient way to use my air conditioning system?

  • Draw shades on windows exposed to the sun. Sun shining through exposed windows adds needless heat to the house. The cooling unit then has to contend with this stored heat as well as the normal cooling load.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed.
  • During the cooling season, keep the windows and doors closed to keep out hot, moisture-laden, outside air. Excessive amounts of outside air add an extra burden to the cooling system and waste electricity. By excluding all possible outside heat, your air conditioner will provide maximum comfort with minimum operating cost. Normal door opening and closing allows sufficient air leakage to change all the air in the house about six times a day and is ample for ordinary ventilation needs.
  • Don’t turn cooling system off. Part-time cooling is usually poor economy. If the air conditioner is left off during morning hours, the house has a chance to soak up heat from the sun. Your air conditioner has little reserve capacity for handling this extra load of stored heat. You actually save money by leaving your air conditioner on all the time, as the thermostat will turn the system on only when cooling is needed.
  • Keep air conditioning blower on continuously. The air conditioner cools far better and more evenly when the blower runs continuously. The blower gives refreshing air movement and even temperatures throughout the entire house. The air is constantly re-circulated through the filter, thus removing the dust, lint and certain pollen from the air you breathe. However, let the fan cycle with the compressor in high humidity weather.
  • Don’t jiggle the thermostat setting. When you have found the temperature you prefer, it is best to leave the thermostat at that setting. Avoid “up and down” cooling by letting the thermostat control the air conditioning system. If the unit is turned off, wait approximately five minutes before turning it on.
  • Use kitchen exhaust fan when cooking. By turning on the exhaust fan the minute you start cooking, the fan removes excess heat, humidity, and cooking odors. This keeps hot air from the rest of the house and lessens the cooling load.
  • Clean filters every three weeks and more often if necessary. It is important that the filters be kept clean, as a dirty filter hinders air flow. This will impair the operation of the unit and reduce the effectiveness of the entire air conditioning system.
  • Power interruptions or lightning storms. Turn the unit off until electrical service has been restored or lightning ceases.


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