If you live in Tucson or anywhere in Pima County or surrounding areas, you already know the importance of having air conditioning in your home or office. With temperatures soaring year-round, reliable AC is needed to “beat the heat” here. Choosing the best contractor to install and service your air conditioners is important, since the right choices can save money and reduce household risks, as well as keeping your life cool and comfortable.

Trusted, experienced, local

For best service, it’s important to choose a locally-based contractor with well-established offices and shop facilities, and a stellar reputation among a large community of satisfied, repeat customers.

Along with consumer energy advocacy groups including the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Carlson Company, a local family-owned business serving airconditioning needs in Tucson since 1960, recommends the following tips and methods for finding the best Tucson AC contractor:

 WoM recommendations

In any marketplace, a satisfied customer is the best source for a word-of-mouth recommendation to a good air conditioning service company. To find a long-established local A/C company with a strong reputation for fair pricing and good service, ask your family and friends for their suggestions.


Since a reputable Tucson air-conditioning contractor must have appropriate skills, licensing and business credibility in order to effectively serve customers in our extremely hot climate, it’s important to ensure that your AC contractor is registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors as well as the Better Business Bureau.

Efficient equipment 

 An up-to-date, tech-savvy contractor may suggest that you install efficient, energy-saving equipment, while lesser-qualified competitors often steer buyers toward legacy designs which may ultimately cost far more money in utility bills.


A reputable AC contractor will provide a free estimate after first understanding your requirements and carefully reviewing your existing equipment and installation. By phone, a contractor may offer you a fixed-price quote for services, yet it’s always best for qualified technicians to visit the site in order to check your equipment to ensure that your home or business stays cool at the most economical cost.

In the past, many central air conditioners in Arizona were improperly sized according to modern standards, and today’s equipment is far more energy efficient. Professional estimators at leading AC contractors always conduct thorough surveys of homes and businesses in order to perform the critically-important cooling-load calculations. A good estimator can identify issues and suggest solutions, as well as give you an accurate projection of your annual energy bills and equipment operating costs going forward.

Pricing and value

 Although pricing comparisons can give valuable insight into the various services being offered, still, it’s important not to choose an air conditioning contractor based on price alone. A long-established, successful contractor appropriately charges more than an inexperienced or unlicensed technician, and always offers far better value.

The best contractors deliver exceptional value at a fair price. You should be especially cautious if you receive extremely low bid prices, since there may be additional “surprise” service charges to be billed separately later. Worse, an exceptionally low bid may signal a dealer’s eagerness to unload outdated or non-compliant equipment at bargain prices.

The best Tucson AC contractors are friendly, professional problem-solvers. If you need air conditioning in your home or office, you should contact the region’s leading professionals at 520.623.3918 or info@thecarlsonco.com

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