Here in Tucson, air conditioning is a necessity which is often taken for granted. Until the air conditioner in a home or office fails, many people don’t think about how important cool air truly is.

Unfortunately, once an HVAC malfunction occurs, the property owner or manager may face extreme pressure and high cost to fix the problem, while a building’s occupants slowly bake in oven-like conditions under the hot Arizona sun. Yet, there is a solution.

A penny in maintenance can save a dollar in repairs

Most air-conditioning problems start small and are unnoticeable at first, but they worsen gradually over time, until the problem begins to impact residents, visitors and family members.

Fortunately, HVAC maintenance is generally simple and highly cost-effective – In almost every case, the proper maintenance of air conditioners saves far more in energy and equipment-repair costs than the expense of regular maintenance.

Modern AC units are designed and built to last for many years, yet the downside of their reliability is that users may forget to perform those routine minor maintenance tasks which are necessary in order for the equipment to provide long-term service.

The benefits of regular, preventive maintenance

The best solution is to engage an expert HVAC contractor to provide regularly-scheduled maintenance for air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration and heating equipment before costly repairs become necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of preventive cleaning and maintenance for your HVAC system:

  • Clean condenser coils save energy
  • Well-charged coolant systems keep homes and offices cooler and more comfortable
  • Regular maintenance saves money from labor and parts costs
  • Regular maintenance ensures that equipment warranties remain in force
  • Clean, well-maintained equipment is quieter during operation
  • Cleaning and maintenance can prevent small problems from growing larger and more costly
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of equipment by many years

It’s important to choose the right HVAC contractor. The Carlson Company is the area’s leading provider of maintenance and repair services for air conditioning, refrigeration, HVAC and heating systems. We’ve been serving Tucson air conditioning needs since 1960.

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